Digital Training 

CGC Learning is a powerful platform ready to drive any courses from compliance, health and safety or on board programmed according to client specifics .

This includes but is not limited to:

Easy content authoring: Content can be aligned to any documented NQF requirements ensuring that learners are recognised for any skills gained to further their knowledge and skill.

Offline training and tracking: Any skills requirement that has been previously documented can be turned into an interactive experience that a learner can access offline in their own time without having to be in the vicinity of others.

Powerful analytics:Due to digitization analytics can be customized to your specific requirements in a step by step manner.Create short or long term goals aligned with organisational strategic objectives.

Gamified learning journeys: Having fun while learning enhances understanding and retention. Animation, videos, multiple choice word scrambles etc. can all be chosen for an interactive experience.Business centric LMS, ensures that training is directly in line with skills requirements

Micro learning modules: Ensures that the simplest and or most complex concepts can be broken down into easy to understand chunks of information avoiding information overload.

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